This is a 3 axis CNC that I designed and built using an X & Y stage purchased from E-bay and a Z stage also purchased from E-Bay. The gantry was built from Uni strut that can be purchased from most any home improvement store. The design alows the Z stage to be positioned anywhere on the X axis allowing for the maximum utilization of the 8 inch X axis travel. The cutter is a Fordham headpiece that is cable driven by an external motor mounted above. The cake pan functions as a resevior to flood with cooling oil to minimize tool overheating.

The X stage was modified, it originally had a small servo motor with a tach. mounted at the opposite end of the drive screw. Because the Mach 3 CNC software is really written to run with stepper motors I needed to fabricate mounting devices to allow for nema 17 sized stepper motors to be used. Because the stepper motors where larger than the servo motors the X axis drive system needed to be inverted to allow clearance for the Y axis to pass above.

Modifications on the Y axis where a little more straight foreword again a Nema 17 stepper was used and part of the cooling resevior needed to be cut away to allow for clearance of the drive screw assembly. The resevior should be fully sealed by the time operational video is made.

This is a photo of the 5 axis driver board used for the system, the board is widely marketed on the internet and features adjustable currents and step sizes for each axis via D.I.P. switch programming. Although the board is critisized in several reviews I found it to be more than adequate for this purpose and it is also relatively inexpensive.

This is a screen shot of the Mach 3 software used to run the G code and generate pulse and direction signals for each axis via the parallel printer port of the P.C. The software allows users to use the software for an indefinte period of time provided the G code does not exceed 500 lines of code per file.

This is a photo of my small mill lathe combo the machine is a manual feed model and has a work space of about 20 inches from chuck jaws to tail stock. This machine was used to fabricate parts for the CNC, I hope to use the CNC to fabricate parts to upgrade this machine (If I ever get the time).